inventory works is a web application that allows you to easily track, manage and transfer assets among multiple locations.

Do you know where your inventory is? Do you know how many assets your company owns? Believe it or not, many companies don’t. inventory works answers these questions for you.

Originally created for a general contractor, our software has developed into an industry-wide solution that nails down inventory.

What makes inventory works better than its competition? It’s in the details. With our program, you’ll easily locate, add and maintain inventory records and increase accountability within your company. inventory works provides a greater level of detail, impressive search capabilities, asset images and the accountability piece. Accurate inventory invoicing makes you money where money is due. Would you like to know the cost of ownership for an asset? Yep, we provide cost analysis, too.

When you pair our software with a rugged tablet with integrated RFID reader and barcode scanning capabilities, you’ll really see how slick inventory tracking can be.

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